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location: Los Angeles, CA
label: vital recordings
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This young singer/songwriter/guitarist was born in Riverside, CA. The self-described "air-force brat" moved around the country and abroad (as most do) several times before settling back down in sunny California at the age of five. Isaac's musical journey began in the fourth grade when band was introduced. "I had wanted to play guitar for the longest time but they weren't teaching that". He quickly chose the alto sax to get something into his eager musical hands. Isaac was a quick study, but his interest in the sax waned as his future true love (the guitar) was temporarily out of reach. "We didn't have a lot of money so I was kind of stuck with the sax for a while". By the end of his first year of high school he'd lost all interest in playing an instrument he didn't love and decided to take a break from music. In the summer after graduating high school he decided to try the "college thing" and go for a degree in music and, more specifically, use the guitar as his main instrument. There was just one tiny little problem...he’d still never played guitar! So he managed to borrow the ugliest, oldest thing you'd probably ever see from a good friend and began taking classes. "To say that guitar was out of shape would have been a very generous statement". Just like the sax, the guitar was a fast study for Isaac. After one year of lessons (and many odd jobs) he was able to purchase his first guitar.

At that time he also decided to transfer schools and attend Azusa Pacific University to further his music studies. After four years at APU and taking lessons in classical and jazz guitar, he emerged with a bachelor's degree in guitar performance. "It was a tough process finishing my degree and at times it felt like a lot of people were rooting for me to fail, but I believed in myself and knew that I didn't want to have to live with myself if I gave up. I played for every group at school that I possibly could. In the last two years of school I pretty much just locked myself in a room, playing and practicing for at least 6 hours a day. When I graduated, and had shown a lot of people that they were wrong about me, it felt like I had really proven to myself that music was what I was meant to do."

Songwriting (and singing) came after school for Isaac. In November of 2003 he decided to sit down with a voice that he describes as "mediocre". “I’ve never really thought of myself as having a great voice…but what do I know?” It was then that he penned his first original, "Time", which is now known as "Second Date”. This caught the attention of an acquaintance who introduced Isaac to the LA-based indie label Vital Recordings. "I met with them, played the song, they said they loved it and asked me to play another". Another small obstacle had now presented itself since this was the only song he had written. "They asked me if I would write more and come play for them when I was ready, so I said sure." A few months later he had ten originals and met with Vital again. He teamed up with producer Jeremy Yeremian and they began recording demos of these and other songs in March of 2004.

By October of that year he began performing around Los Angeles, making stops at The Derby, The Key Club, and The Hotel Café. During that time Vital began talking to Isaac about making their relationship professional and asked him if he was interested in signing with their label to record an EP. After weighing all of his options and continuing to perform live in LA, he decided to sign with Vital in 2005 to begin recording his debut EP. Once again he hooked up with Yeremian for the album.

Isaac has since performed at several major venues in the Los Angeles area including The House of Blues (LA), The Viper Room, The Hard Rock Café (Beverly Hills), B.B. Kings Blues Club, and The Gig (Hollywood).

After spending about half of 2005 and 2006 in the studio, Vital announced that his debut EP, which he titled "A Place in the Sun", will be released in August 2006! This EP features six original songs embracing the warmth of his acoustic guitar as well as the edge from his electric guitar. "I'm really proud of what we were able to accomplish with this and can't wait for people to hear it!" This recording is poised to present Isaac to the world as an artist and take him to the next step in his career.