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the four colour process

location: seattle, WA
label: Simmerdown Productions
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Assembled from the remains of several prominent Local Seattle bands (Nobody Wins, "Daytimehero":, and "Blue Sky Mile":, The Four Colour Process draws their influences from all corners of the musical world. Their unique sound is a seamless stylistic blend of everything from punk to classic rock tied together with the common unifying thread of honest, sincere music.

Armed with a new line-up, an energitic live show, and a catchy catalog of tunes, The Four Colour Process are on a campaign to win the hearts and minds of Seattle area music fans and, with their debut LP currently in the final stages of production/mixing with producer Jeremy Dubois (works: Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, New Found Glory, Against All Authority),musical conquest of the rest of the world seems sure to follow.