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location: portland, OR
label: Slow January
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In a musical climate hooked on irony, cynicism, and superficiality, Alan Singley and Pants Machine are a refreshing change. Alan Singley and Pants Machine have been putting on their Sunday best and giving Portland musical valentines for two years. Not afraid to make your day a good one, Alan Singley and Pants Machine compose songs packed with genuine sunshine. The lyrics are heart-on-the-sleeve revelations of life’s simple pleasures, like lying in the sun, riding a bicycle, and looking up at the stars.

What makes Alan Singley and Pants machine so appealing is the versatility of the music. As a live acoustic act, Singley takes the songs to a personal level, connecting with the audience by playing on their wavelength and pulling them into participating with the music. Audience members find themselves working out multi-instrument (coffee cup, spoon and glass, foot-stomping) percussions to his one-man set. When Pants Machine is added to the mix, Singley's writing slips into a phone booth only to return with super-powers on full blast. The reverb soars, the drums drive a dance-worthy beat, and the songs transform. These are skilled and serious musicians who are not devoid of magic, but chock full of it, with which they craft flowering pop watercolors that make even the most miserable cynic’s day.