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In the summer of 1999, Fabian Rangel, and long time friend Randy Arevalo started playing songs together. Fabian had been thinking up songs on his guitar for awhile and with a partner these ideas could actually be songs. Friend Chris Dennis offered to help on second guitar alongside Arevalo's Bass and Fabian's guitar. A band isn't a band without a drummer, and on Christmas '99 Fabian's next of kin Gabe got a drum set from his dad. Chris was already a member of our very good friends Strength in Numbers, and as the band got more & more serious, the band decided that bro Shaun Juarez should replace Chris's style of playing. So Fabian, Gabe, & Randy got Shaun to flesh out the guitars and After the Fall was complete. They played their first show on February 11, 2000, and have played in and around Corpus continuously since then, solidifying a rabid hometown following and hopefully other places soon hereafter. In the early days After the Fall was an Air Hockey obsessed fast punk band, even thanking Dynamo on their first demo CD "Finish the Game." Since then, they've released a split with Strength in Numbers, and another demo entitled "In the Hearts", and a re-issue of "In the Hearts" featuring their songs from the Split. Since then, After the Fall's sound has evovled, things have gotten harder, more melodic, and more heartfelt. But just listen to the songs, it's really easy to get super poetic and big headed when describing your sound, so I won't -- just decide for yourself. On Halloween of 2001, ATF played their first out of town show at Mug's in San Marcos, TX... a whole 3 hours away. In December of 2001, After the Fall ventured north of the Nueces River, taking them on their first U.S. tour to Chicago and back. In June of 2002, they left again for New York, staying gone for 3 weeks, as of now they're planning another for the Western U.S. in October. News came after their second tour when Randy Arevalo, band member, bassist, and friend was replaced by longtime Bro Randy Gaines... yeah. There's a lot of screaming, there's a lot of sweat, there's a lot of shouting along, and there's a lot of passion for living, laughing, and doing anything we can before we're too old. And we'll make you laugh too.