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location: Sacramento, CA
label: The Americans Are Coming Recordings
press: The sun's too bright Amber Padgett’s vivid smile and bright hair can’t dispel the darkness in her ... more.
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Once upon a time, in a land not unlike Sacramento, California two little musicians tripped over each other and into a project called Spider Silk Dress.

Amber Padgett, a young vivacious lass, brought to the table the influences of Bjork, Fiona Apple, Tom Waitts and Ella Fitzgerald paired with a cruddy old acoustic guitar and an accordion that was salvaged from a demolition site. Kevin Dockter brought with him the influences of Blonde Redhead, Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, and Elliott Smith. His dichotomous guitar work embraces both the complex and serene aspects of song writing.

As a complete piece of musical art Spider Silk Dress plucks dark and hauntingly beautiful stands of a tightly woven web, vibrating with the unforgettable melodies and choruses, adamantly sticking with the listener long after hearing the music. The song writing embraces these darker elements in an innocent almost childish manner, evoking images of a Tim Burton-like landscape. Sinister circus tones, twisted hooks, and complex melody and harmony interaction guide one through a unique and off kilter indie pop experience.

Sacramento News and Review describe the music as „...a combination of ugly chords and pretty harmonies, unpredictable vocal lines and solid musicianship.‰

Alive and Kicking reviewed the album, „‚Tincture‚ is definitely one of the most original, well produced albums of 2005, and is sure to satisfy your rock n‚ roll urges while indulging you with the ancient European folk vibe revival...‰

Tincture has been added to the playlists of many college and internet radio stations across the country and has found itself in rotation of popular Sacramento station KWOD 106.5

Spider Silk Dress has played a variety of venues since the end of 2004 and has shared the stage with such musical acts as Black Eyed Snakes (featuring Alan Sparhawk from Low), Cake, The Dandy Warhols, The Court and Spark, Low Flying Owls, Frank Jordan, and Jackpot.

Spider Silk Dress will be recording a new album in the spring of 2006 after completing a two week tour of the west coast.