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location: San Francisco, CA
press: Exploring lush drone rock that nods to Obscured by Clouds/Meddle-era Pink Floyd, U2 circa An Unf... more.
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The term 'indie' doesn’t do justice to The Love X Nowhere's lush blend of pretty and trippy. The [San Francisco] group laces together its shoe-gazer tendencies and obvious taste for Zeppelin-era prog-rock with oblique, psychedelic flourishes reminiscent of Blonde Redhead." -- Bill Picture, San Francisco Chronicle, October 2005??

The Love X Nowhere (say it with us: "The Love TIMES Nowhere") makes San Francentric music that drops like sparks from the MUNI lines on a rainy night. ??Growing from the fertile soil of San Francisco’s historic music scene, TLXN pushes forward a new version of indie-psych and post-rock, abandoning the restraint usually associated with those genres. Cocteau-heavy guitars dripping with the sway of chorus and delay; analog synth as at home with The Cars as Meddle-era Pink Floyd; a rhythm section adept in the kind of thick, explosive grooves (and awe-inspiring dynamics) that would make Bonham and John Paul Jones proud, and a saucerful of psychedelia that'd make most jambands blush. At the same time, the back-to-birth dynamic of brothers Michael and Brett Chulada brings a layer of sensitivity and depth to which the kids aspire and their contemporaries relate. This musical bedding surrounds the harmony-and-melody-driven songs of writing team Brett Chulada and Gabriel Leis, two vocalist-guitarists whose teamwork and playful competition is already knocking out gem after gem of original songs. All of these factors collide to animate the anthemic dream called TLXN.