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Article Published Feb 16, 2006
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XrayOK was founded one brisk day in New York City by native TJ Hill (lead vocals, guitar). Wasting no time to dwell, TJ realized his vision would thrive best as a band. TJ hooked up with Montreal's Ally Smith (synths, piano), and the two relocated to Phoenix where they met locals Jack Duff (drums, piano) and Chuckie Duff (bass) - solidifying the band XrayOK. With some polished songwriting, it didn't take long for XrayOK to start spinning heads, proving they deserve a place in the Phoenix music scene. Later taking on native Michael Hartman (bass, vocals), xrayok was playing top Arizona venues. Like Life, the new EP, is a lush blend of dark new wave, with danceable beats, dreamy synths and angular guitar riffs. This album charted on the CMJ charts and was on over 35 top 30 College Radio Charts (as of 3/23/06). Recently, the band has relocated to L.A., and is playing frequently at popular clubs. The band has also undergone some change in the last few months, becoming a three-piece after parting with bassist Michael Hartman. XrayOK has replaced that need for a bassist by creating a new sound live, with sequenced bass, electronics and intriguing sounds, creating an interesting and unique live show.