We've booked 6711 shows for 155 bands since 1993.
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location: san diego, CA
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Sal Gallegos: Drums
Nathan Joyner: Guitar
John Rieder: Bass

Too cynical about the so-called “industry” to even consider any preconceived notions of what “it” band A is supposed to sound like or what bidding-war band B should look like, as the Secret Fun Club, we simply do what we know how to do instead of what is expected of us as an instrumental band. Indeed, our songs emphasize volume, rhythmic complexity, arrangement, and energy rather than the number of notes played per second. Sorry, Yngwie, Steve, and fans of prog. Notably, the band features current members of Some Girls (Epitaph/Three One G). We will probably exploit this fact.

Our influences are either incredibly eclectic or shamefully obvious--depending on your perspective and/or the size of your record collection—and include artists such as Last of the Juanitas, Black Sabbath, Drive Like Jehu, Thelonious Monk, Botch, Engine Kid, Hank Williams, and Tortoise. We take our cues from 50’s bebop, 90’s hardcore, and latter-day experimental rock. We find inspiration equally in the ragged and the beautiful, the perplexing and the pissed.

Pet Set Records released our 12-inch debut in 2000. Various show-only EP’s were made available as we continued to write and record in the subsequent years. We last released a split 7-inch on North Park Records with fellow San Diegans Sleeping People (Temporary Residence) in Summer 2004. This was distributed nationally and internationally by Secretly Canadian. Further, combined with the intense touring of Some Girls around the globe, this 7-inch sold out of its first pressing, giving fans on four continents access to the Fun Club’s intelligent, unforgiving, and honest instrumental music.

Alas, over the last six years, we’ve played taco shops, postmodern fashion shows, art openings, shitty bars, shittier bars, and the shittiest all-ages clubs. We’ve survived--together or separately--death, alcoholism, gun wounds, a long-ass Illinois winter, successful side projects, unsuccessful side projects, Fernando, debt, heated debates with frat guys over the defining features of jazz, and a spirited but decidedly ill-planned West coast tour (see ‘alcoholism’ & ‘Fernando’).

Over the next six months, we will officially release a five-song EP of older material (“A Diagram of How Shit Flows Through Your Toilet to God’s Hands”), borrow Chokehold Freddie’s van and grappling skills in order to tour the West Coast in January, and head into our friend Mike’s studio to record a full-length--with Sal and Mike engineering and Justin Pearson (The Locust) producing--sometime before Spring 2007.

Forget about the cryptic iconography, elaborate gesticulations, and funny hats associated with other organizations--this club is for members only, and membership has reached capacity. “2b1 Ask 1” is not this club’s motto. All you can hope for is to be invited to sit in when we next convene