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Portland’s The Exhale is like an amazing date that ends too quickly. Each section of music is like a time-stamped moment in some imaginary person’s life. Anonymous but applicable to any listener’s own life, with hooks secretly imbedded in every song. They mix and mash the sounds of instruments that have been previously genre-fied, but grease them together like a brand new rocket ship set to take you and that special someone wherever you want. The Exhale started as the baby project of Dan O’Hara while he played as the guitarist of Portland’s Slackjaw. Realizing the very finite direction a solo project leads to he enlisted his longtime friend and old band-mate from the defunct San Diego band Clarity Eli Jemison to play synth and keyboards . Adding to the line up from Slackjaw -- Craig Martin on drums and vibraphones the tentative seeds were planted. More refinement and direction came with addition of Rob Bartleson of Slackjaw on bass and alto sax. Still The Exhale was not truly itself. Lastly, by chance Dan met Evelyn Weston and she was enlisted to play the musical saw and keyboards. The Exhale, now complete was no longer the fragile idea of one but a living breathing amalgam of its five members. This 5-piece’s name derives from a Shunryu Suzuki-roshi book. “What we call ‘I’ is a swinging door which moves when we inhale and exhale.” With this idea, if we experience the world with our inhaling then this band is its combined response, everyone's sharing of themselves to the world, this band is its own Exhale. The Exhale will be the touring live band supporting Adam Gnade’s full length spoken-novella Record entitled Run, Hide, Retreat, Surrender released on Loud and Clear Records.