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In 1999, the members of Brian Jones were still in high school, writing songs in their parents‚ basements and looking forward to finishing up school. Fast forward five years to the band graduating college, dropping their sophomore album, preparing to take the band full time. Hailing from the suburban landscapes of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the band‚s perfected blend of soaring vocals, spacey guitars, jazzy snakelike bass lines and driving drums has helped them to become a unique and infectious fixture of the Iowa music scene. After a handful of forgettable recordings, the band released a debut full length After This Because Of This in 2002 on their own label MATH LAB, supported by a tour of the Midwest and countless local shows. This tour became the fodder for a home video titled Boats, Barges & Nasties which the band shot, edited and released themselves. The following summer the band went on the road again, this time venturing all the way to the West Coast, perfecting new songs for a follow up to After This Because Of This. In July of 2003 the band packed up their gear and headed to the sleepy town of Tolono, Illinois. There, they spent 6 days recording and mixing with Matt Talbott (formerly of HUM) engineering the project. The resulting album was called SERIOUSLY, and like all of the bands previous work, was released on their own label.