We've booked 6711 shows for 155 bands since 1993.
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the gentry

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location: portland, OR
press: “Frontman Gino Mari’s voice adds a sexiness that all those glam-rock bands brought us in the days o... more.
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Gino Mari (Vocals/Guitar/Synthesizer)

Steve Taylor (Effects/Synthesizer/Guitar)

Phil Robinson (Guitar/Vocals/Synthesizer)

Andrew Carrion (Drums/Synthesizer) and

Tom Dorsey (Bass, Synthesizer)

The Gentry cut a divergent path across genres and movements. Pieces of glam, punk, electro, soul, new romantic, psychedelic, industrial, shoegaze, hip hop and rock & roll are sewn together with a pop sense of pomp and precision. However, a list of influences falls short of an adequate definition. To see them live is far more telling. With a visceral, high energy stage show, The Gentry have been known to get asses out of seats and convert lurkers and onlookers into dancers.