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location: Boston, MA
label: Radar Recordings
press: "...if you're ready to immerse yourself in something enormous, this might just be your band. This i... more.
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Boston ambient post-rocker’s CONSTANTS have gutted a 66 passenger school bus and converted it to run on vegetable oil. The group has installed beds, a full kitchen and living area in the bus and are currently touring across the country in an environmentally sustainable vehicle and spreading the word of its benefits.

Touring in support of their new EP "The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril" (Available now from Boston indie label RADAR RECORDINGS), the record has already gained much critical acclaim including being named album of the month by DECOYMUSIC.COM and has reached #11 on the Boston radio charts.

This workhorse band has been on tour since March and will be on the road for a total of 10 months in 2006.

Orion Wainer - bass
Duncan Rich - drums, sampler
Jon Hassell - live guitar
Will Benoit - guitar, voice

For fans of: The Appleseed Cast, ISIS, Explosions in the Sky