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label: deep elm records
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LOCK AND KEY's unrelenting brand of post-hardcore is marked by an unmistakable sense of purpose, not to mention a refreshing energy of release. "If someone can hear our music and recognize honesty and passion in it, then we've communicated all we need to" says vocalist/guitarist Ryan Shanahan. Indeed, this is the hallmark of the band's style and propels them beyond a great many of their contemporaries. This is a band torn by depth, a raucous exterior, a pensive interior, rife with sonic complexity from every angle. Erupting from every direction with a barrage of rapid-fire drummer, crunching dual guitars and agressive, striking vocals, it's instantly apparent that the foursome is well on their way...not only album-wise, but as a cohesive, single-minded, rock n' roll wrecking machine. Still, even in their most aggressive tracks, LOCK AND KEY's true foundation lies in sincerity. Their ability to mest ferocity with tried and true melodic sensibilities immediately ignites, engulfs and absorbs the listener. Songs like "Crutches" begin with an ominous strain, exhibiting the band's range from tense to emotive to explosive in less than four minutes time. It's impossible not to become invested in the infectious hooks of NO FATE, which says a lot for a group characterized by their sheer volume. In the short year since they've finalized their lineup, LOCK AND KEy has already ripped through two East Coast tours and started work on their debut full-length for Deep Elm. At that pace, there's much to accomplish. "We're going to take it as far as we can. If we can quit our jobs and just play music, I think we'll all be really fortunate and have experiences we can only dream about now" says Shanahan. LOCK AND KEY will proceed as usual: with thoughfulness, honesty and about four thousand miles per hour. We'll continue to watch as LOCK AND KEY evolves, but it's time for the rest of the world to pay their respects.